Monday, September 15, 2008

Fishs Eddy

During one of my trips to NYC I stumbled upon Fishs Eddy. I was stunned I hadn't known about this store before. Look at some of these goodies...

Memo pad dishes.

Alphabet dish towel.

Milk glasses... I already have quite a collection of milk glasses.

Ohhhh and I would love one of these... a cheese keeper! Nothing like always having your cheese handy.


  1. Cute stuff! We need some of those milk glasses. I'll take some of those cookies to go along with them. Milk and cookies.....Yum!

  2. Many products from Fishs Eddy have been used on Giada De Laurentiis' show "Everyday Italian".
    Did you buy anything? I could fill a whole suitcase with goodies from there!

  3. Love the cheese keeper! What a great find. I thought it looked familiar - I'm a Giada junkie! Sadly, no stores to browse in Kansas. :(