Monday, October 27, 2008

Lollypop Farm: Pet of the Week

"Whadya mean there is something on my nose? Right here? Where? Did I get it?" Just imagine if you brought Medusa into your home, what fun you will have pointing out the little smudge on her nose... athough Medusa doesn't seem to find it very amusing.

Medusa 4689334

"Medusa is a 2-year-old female cat who is at Lollypop Farm for the second time. She had been abandoned the first time, and then an adopter returned her. She can't wait to be in a permanent home. Medusa is a beautiful and talkative cat who loves attention and is easygoing. She even likes to follow her people around in the house! Medusa would do best in a home without dogs, but she is living in one of the shelter's catteries right now and getting along well with the other cats living there." - Lollypop Farm

NOTE: Sanora from last week was adopted! Yay!


  1. Great news about Sanora!

    Also, awesome pumpkins!

  2. These pet adoption posts are so heart-warming! I do truly hope they all find loving homes.