Friday, December 19, 2008

winter wonderland

We got quite a bit of snow today. Seems like the most we have had for a couple winters now.

The Smart Car surprised me and chugs right on through the snow and slush.

We got half a snow day today which was a treat. It's starting to look like Christmas at our house!


  1. Let it snows...Let it snows...Let it snows...

    Merry Christmas && Happy New Year

  2. It's our little secret that small cars are better in the snow. There is less inertial force because of the lower mass and the tires are usually narrower in profile, which is best for snow.

  3. ljc - I am so jealous!! I can't remember the last time we had snow like that in London, or snow here full stop. I hope you have a wonderful White Christmas! I look forward to the Oscar and Stewie Christmas pics! :o)

  4. Being from the midwest and now in the southwest, I both do and do not miss the snow. lol

    I love your house - it's so cute.