Thursday, February 19, 2009

GEH Oscars Party

Aaron is the chair of the George Eastman House's Young Professional's Oscar's committee. From what I have heard they have an amazing Oscar's party planned this year.

Aaron has been doing interviews about the party. He was on WBER and will be on Channel 13 too.

There will movie themed food - Indian for Slumdog and a milkshake bar for Milk! Nik and the Nice Guys will be playing so people can dance.

Also there are lots of chances to win prizes! One of the coolest prizes is the use of a Smart Car for a weekend!

There is a silent auction, which for the first time is also available online.

It's not too late to buy tickets and there will even be tickets available at the door.

I am going to be in LA for the Oscars (I have a ticket to the red carpet bleachers) but I am still a little bummed to miss the GEH Oscar's party!


  1. Did I ever mention that you have the best job *ever*?? Have fun at the Oscar's and take lots of pics! :)

  2. aw, does that mean you're not going to have your oscar's party? I was looking forward to seeing your movie themed food for this year.

    Although, a red carpet ticket does sound pretty swish!