Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Loooong Hallway

Our hotel room is at the end of a verrrrrrry long hallway.

It doesn't look that bad on the map, but believe me, after a long day it went on forever.

I don't think I can properly communicate exactly how far away it is. I am standing at one end and you can't even see Tina standing at the other end. I counted 150 steps from one end to the other.


  1. I once had the last room on the hallway at the NYC Hilton and counted 100 steps from the elevators. It was FOREVER to get to my room and, of course, my key didn't work the first time I went to the room. :(

    150 steps is a very long way!

  2. K - I thought for sure I would forget something and have to go back multiple times. : )