Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mini burgers

I am so down with the BK Burger Shots. Mini burgers people!

I kinda feel like a sucker, because the commercial makes fun of the fact that girls think they are cute and little.... BUT THEY ARE CUTE AND LITTLE!

I love mini food. I can't help it.


  1. they brought back their old 'burger buddies' from the 80s!

  2. That is so funny, cuz , my husband and I just tried those tonight. They are pretty good. We split the meal between us. But i was disappointed that they are not separated. You have to tear them apart from each other and the meat is one big patty amongst all 6 buns. The meat ends up not dividing correctly. Oh well, they were good, and the commercial cracks me up everytime.

  3. I agree, they WERE cute and little, but 6 is WAY too many one person. It's definately something to be shared...

  4. I love mini food, too. Must be the kid in me. :)

  5. I got them. I Love BK burgers but these did not taste good. I wouldn't buy them again. I wonder why they tasted so different from the regular sized stuff......

    :) liz

  6. since you like "little foods" and i know you like sweets,
    have you tried the "sweet shots" at chilis?
    you can get a hot fudge brownie dessert in a shot glass. yum!!

  7. I got these the other day & the boys & I split the pack, perfect snack!

  8. I don't remember burger buddies... funny that they recycled the idea though.

    I am torn.. some folks say they are good, some didn't like them.

    I have tried the Sweet Shots at Chilis... just the right size!