Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pet of the Week

OMG does Quentin have the cutest little kitty face? Can you imagine waking up every morning to this mug? *pat pat* "Heh-row" Annnd, he gets along with bunnies!

Quentin #7223519

Quentin was brought to Lollypop Farm because his previous owners were experiencing personal problems which left them unable to care for him any longer. He has lived with cats in the past and has made friends with a couple bunnies that he has had the opportunity to meet while staying with us at Lollypop Farm. Quentin is a wonderful cat with a sweet, easygoing personality. He qualifies for our Seniors-for-Seniors program, which means that any adopter age 60 and over can bring him home for free!


  1. If I wasn't far away in Australia, I would adopt him in a flash. Love the name too. And I would love an excuse to get a bunny to be his friend.

  2. i don't even like cats, but this one suuuuuuuure is adorable!

  3. He looks like Bangs - my second cat....