Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Figs & Ginger Earth Day Giveaway

Figs & Ginger is one my favorite jewelry designers (see here and here), not just because of their adorable pieces but because of their commitment to the environment.

I try to be green by doing the big things, recycling, composter, rain barrel, gardening, CSA farm. There are little things you can do too, and by little I mean little like Figs & Ginger's wee little earrings. As a green business they use recycled metals, post consumer paper, bio- degradable supplies etc.

In honor of Earth and Arbor Day, Figs & Ginger are doing something amazing... their first annual Earth Day Giveaway. If you plant a tree and send them a picture of it, they will send the first 50 people a tree necklance and fawn earrings. After that the following 300 will get fawn earrings. (they can be used as tie tacks for the guys who plant!)


How. Cool. Is. That?! I love cute jewelry. I love trees. What's not to like? My parents are always planting trees around their house... dogwood, plum, apple. So Aaron and I planted a new little peach tree in our back yard.

I think we are going to have to put a small fence around it because Oscar has already tried to "water" it for us.

Be sure to check out the Figs & Ginger Earth Day Giveaway and plant a tree!


  1. Ooh, ooh, getting a tree TODAY!!!

  2. Cool! We just planted a pink Dogwood tree. I'll have to snap a picture and send it in. Thanks!

    Natalie from NC

  3. Too bad I planted my tree over ten years ago. Good luck with your little peach tree!

  4. I LOVE that jewelry! I have been a very long time reader of your blog but this is my first time leaving a comment. Just wanted to say how very much I enjoy your postings. Your blog is probably in my top 3. I think you guys are the cutest ever and want to thank you for sharing with us all the fun things that make up your life. Have a great day!

  5. Aaron's tree planting attire cracks me up. :) I think that is the first time I saw someone planting in a suit and dress shoes!

  6. Just sent in my picture. We planted a peach tree too, along with a lime tree and some blueberry bushes.