Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tiny Kitchen

When I was on the plane I saw a few short clips of Tiny Kitchen. I loved it!

Times recipe tester, Jill Santopietro's kitchen is 11.5 square feet with no dishwasher or garbage disposal and only two feet of counter space. But she still manages to create delicious dishes.

I like some of the special features they have like Tomato Can Cam....

and the huge print captions for instructions and things like "lettuce cutting montage".

She doesn't have room for a lot of kitchen tools, so she makes use of things like a pan for crushing nuts. She has to use a stepladder to get things down often too.

I have a smallish kitchen, rather than a tiny kitchen but I still love these segments!


  1. What a neat find! At first I thought you were commenting on those Geico commercials where people lived in tiny homes.

  2. Hey Jenny, I won the Envirosax giveaway and have emailed you my shipping details again. I sent them on 30th March but it seems like they may not have reached you. Hope they come through this time. Vic x