Saturday, September 19, 2009

Night Out at Roc City Roller Derby

We had so much fun at The Roc City Roller Derby., it was everything I hoped for.

Sweet outfits, cool names...

and lots of action.

Gotta love the Roc City colors - bright green and black. Check out the green fishnets.

We were hoarse by the end of the night from cheering. We will definitely be back!


  1. Hey! The crowd was great on Saturday! Thanks for coming out and supporting RCRD and our charities.

    Muffy Stopheles
    Bout Production

  2. Thanks for your support and attendence to our double header. Hope you make it to our next bout in October. Great pics too!!!

    Jessi KaBoom
    Roc City B Team

  3. I <3 these pictures! Glad you like our colors so much :) I'm a HUGE fan of green so I love the fishnets as well. See ya next time.
    ~Farrah Daze Rage

  4. There is a strong Roller Derby league here in RI. It's always fun to watch- the action, the crazy names, and the outfits.