Monday, October 12, 2009

Pasta and Granola

Aaron and I have been stopping by the Irondequoit farmers market to pick up items from Pappardelle's Pasta and Small World Bakery. The Small World Bakery granola is quite tasty as you can see, the jar doesn't stay full long.

The sage, pumpkin and chestnut orzo was pretty tasty too... Aaron made a brown butter sage sauce for it and we grated fresh parmesean on top. Nom.

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  1. That orzo sounds delish! Thanks for popping over at - My kids did the graphics. :) I have always loved your graphics because we are art-eests and love to draw. My web designer colored our sketches for us (I'm just not talented with that sort of getting-the-picture-in-to-the-computer stuff). I adore my new look because it is so personal. That's what I have always loved about your little pug and ljc artwork. ;)