Monday, November 16, 2009

In London: Domo-less

My first stop on this business trip is London.

I have seen most of the sights in London, but we had some free time today so I went for a walk with my coworker, Tom.

I brought Domo along to Europe.... he hasn't been... thought it would be great to get some photos. But I left him in the hotel room today! Horror! I lamented all day long.

This is the cutest sign ever though... right?

One thing I haven't done in London is climb to the top of St. Pauls Cathedral - so we did that. All 257 steps worth.

I look normal here - but really I'm dying inside.

The only photos I got of Domo in London are at the O2...

... in a cab...

... and sitting on Lord Somethingorother's lap at Paddington Station. I am so sorry Domo. We will come back to London again someday.


  1. domo & lord somethingorother make a cute pair :)

  2. I'm concerned that the sign for the pub "goslings" has three evil-looking squirrels eating something. Is it the goslings?

  3. Domo did see London when you weren't looking...