Thursday, December 3, 2009

Betty Crocker Notebook

I love this classic Betty Crocker Cookbook. I remember leafing through my mom's copy and drooling over things like petite fours.

My mom just found this Betty Crocker Notebook.

It has sheets of paper for pasting in your own recipes and dividers to organizing them. It is sooo vintage but has never been used!

I am torn between using it for my own recipes and keeping it mint.


  1. I agree - keep this one mint to be enjoyed as a piece of vintage kitchen art.

  2. We had that same Betty Crocker Cookbook and my sisters and I always poured over the cake pictures. It took me ten years to find one at a used bookstore. I cried when I found it and they only wanted $6.00! The fools, I would have given them $100!

  3. My favorite cookbook. I got it as a shower gift when I got married 34 years ago. And it's still the one I pull out first. Thx for the smile!