Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Roadtrip Mix

This year's handmade gifts aren't as "handmade" as other years - we have been so busy with moving and unpacking. This year I burned CD's with my favorite Christmas music.

I made envelopes out of maps in keeping with my "traveling for the holidays" theme. The CD labels came with extra labels and that's what I used for taping the envelopes.

I stamped each CD with our name and labeled them with a Sharpie.

I made them for all our friends!

The Holiday Roadtrip Mix fits right in with my theme. Above is the other labels I made for wrapping, a license plate from the North Pole.


  1. i would love to know where you find the red and white string- i searched all over my town for it, today, and had to settle for plain white kitchen cotton.

  2. Wow, looks like you only have christian friends - that's kinda creepy!

  3. Hannah - actually I made a Hannukah version for my Jewish friends too - I just didn't get a chance to photograph them.