Friday, January 29, 2010

Lauren is four

Look at this kid! Is there anything better than a birthday sundae? Apprently not.

I don't enjoy remembering her entry into this world and the scare with her and her mom, but I like to think about the day she went home looking like an alien in a car seat.

Happy Birthday Lauren, you four year old you.


  1. Such a miraculous thing, this child! And how joyous she looks in this photo (I would too, with that sundae to enjoy)!

  2. Wow, four! I remember reading Tina's blog and checking back for updates when she was born. And for a little girl that took so long to grow some hair, she sure has made up for it. Adorable!

  3. Definitely a miracle - and yes, it's a miracle that she now has this much hair! :)

  4. Can't believe Tina's baby girl is now FOUR! Whoah. She sure is a cutie....