Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Food

I love the Super Bowl. I mean I love Super Bowl food.

For the Super Bowl party we went to, I made deviled eggs.

Just to take it up a notch, I added bacon and chives. And sprinkled them with smoked paprika.

There was a also a contest for the best Super Bowl sundae topping. We made ittle bitty chocolate chip cookies.

Do you know how long it takes to scoop out teeny weeny cookie? For-evah!


  1. The deviled eggs looks delicious! Love the mini cookies too -- except it's too easy to pop them in and forget how many I ate.

  2. Love your teeny cookies!!!

  3. I looooove deviled eggs. Good idea to add the bacon and chives. Sometimes I sprinkle dill on top, too. That's a neat deviled egg holder, BTW. And my grandparents used to have those salt and pepper shakers! Love them!

  4. I'm often the designated deviled egg maker-bringer - who makes your deviled egg holder/display thingy? Is it rubbermaid or tupperware? Whatever it is, I need to get one! I'm tired of making pretty eggs only to have them slide all over in their container and get smeared on the sides!

  5. please tell me about your deviled egg stand. is it a stand? love it. and the eggies look scrumptious

  6. Looks tasty! I tried to explain to some Dutch colleagues that it isn't the Super Bowl game I miss, it's the party food. Maybe next year I'll host a party here, sans game, just for the food!