Thursday, March 18, 2010


You may notice that my blog is looking funny today. It's going through some migration pains. For ten years I have had the page and published my blog from blogger via ftp to a spot on that page. A couple months ago blogger announced that they would no longer support ftp and I would have to migrate my blog.

So last night I started migrating my blog. Everything seemed to go smoothly - all most posts dating back to September 2000 are there. But my images aren't. Apparently when you host on blogger and use a custom domain the links to images are broken. I didn't think this would happen because I always put the full url with my image code but I guess I don't understand how that all works. I am trying to use the work around of a missing files host... but that doesn't seem to be working. *sigh* I will keep plugging away at it and hopefully there will be a new and improved ljcblog here soon!

Until then new posts are using images from Flickr so it's not completely barren here!

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  1. I had to migrate, too- ick! I was so worried that my years and years of bloggyness would just go POOF! It seems to be working out okay, though!