Friday, March 5, 2010

Liberty at Target

I just saw a commercial for Liberty of London at Target.

I love Liberty prints - this is so cool.

Here is a very blurry pic of Aaron in front of Liberty. When I was in London, I didn't buy any fabric but I did get some tote bags from Liberty. I think Aaron got some cufflinks.

I checked out the Liberty Target web page - you can download liberty prints for your iPhone. I like these dresses they had on the site.

They are also going to have a Liberty print bike, ties and other various items. Cute!


  1. I am counting down the days until this collection. (Eight as of today!)

  2. *sigh* 3 more years until Target is in Canada. So so sad.

  3. i saw the commercial too! got very excited for spring...everything was so cute!

  4. the liberty collection was displayed at the target i went to today...excitement was quickly followed by disappointment because nearly every (super cute) dress and top were made of polyester, which i cannot wear. sigh! i did get the rainboots though