Sunday, March 7, 2010

Red Carpet Bleachers

Whew! What a day in the Oscar Red Carpet Bleachers! It started out sunny, rained like mad for 5 minutes and then the show went on.

I got to go down on the actual red carpet for a little bit in the morning. It's a flurry of activity down there.

Tina and I were sitting in the "B" section - right where the limos drop the stars off. There wasn't any press there so I wasn't on camera at any point and I doubt that I will be in People magazine this year. It was a great vantage point though.

I have a real appreciation for stars that take the time to recognize their fans. Right back atcha Morgan.

I was on the lookout for Neil Gaiman after Aprille told me what he would be wearing. I got shy so I made Tina shout "NEIL"! He kindly turned and waved for a photo.

And George. Well it's easy to see why George is adored by his fans. He hopped over the rope and some hedges to sign a few autographs. No one else did that. I managed to thrust a notebook from the girl sitting behind me into his hands and she got his autograph. My good deed for the day. And what a great day! Who won best picture by the way? : )

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  1. Yay, Neil! He tweeted that he got nervous on the red carpet after he stepped on Rachel McAdams' dress - oops! Great work on all this - soon you'll be back among us normal, boring folk!