Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Coming Home Day Stewie!

Since we adopted Stewie, we don't know when he was born. So instead of his birthday, we celebrate his coming home day! Today he got a dish of his favorite food with a candle he tried to blow out by willing it with his mind... hence the instense look of concentration. Happy Coming Home Day Stewie!


  1. He is probably trying to figure out why you set his dinner on fire. ha ha. Great shot.

  2. Very sweet way to celebrate. Would make a cute bray card, too.

  3. Great wonderful moment capture

    Wish all the best to Stewie boy.

  4. I love love love this. The concept, the photo, and of course, Stewie. He's one of my favourite internet kitties... since I don't have one of my own at the moment.