Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pet of the Week

After attending BlogPaws, i came home with a renewed appreciation for folks that adopt rescued pets. Then I watched this video and *sniffle* it hit home even more.

So here is Abby - doesn't it look like she is singing backup in a band? Ooooooooh!

Amadu Abby #5808920

Abby is a 3-year-old female pit bull mix who weighs 55 pounds. She was returned to Lollypop Farm because her family was moving and did not take her along. Abby is a friendly and energetic dog who likes people. She has lived with other dogs before and did well with them, but she does need to meet any dogs in the household to make sure they’ll get along. Abby would do best with kids age 6+. She needs to be signed up for obedience training by her new adopter – we think she’ll do well, because she’s a smart girl!



  1. Jenny,

    So sad. I can't get your page to load today. IE shows no pictures at all and Mozilla and Google Chrome get stuck loading the pictures. Is it me?

  2. I just opened it at work on Chrome, Safari and Firefox and everything looked ok.