Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthday Week & Mother's Day

I thought I killed this orchid off. All but one leaf fell off last year, but I kept taking care of it. Lo and behold last week, out of nowhere I realized that it had sprouted a new stem with blooms on it!

Birthday week has commenced and Aaron got my revived orchid a friend! This one looks like someone splashed paint on it!

My parents brought some pretty sweet gifts with them this weekend too. I had been wanting a coatrack and they found this cool vintage one. They also brought a fireplace screen and PYREX! I am so behind in my Pyrex documentation.

Mother's Day is always close to my birthday. i got my mom a wood lighthouse for her garden. Oscar and Stewie got me cards that they signed with bad handwriting and two new Japanese Maples for the house!

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  1. I love that Oscar and Stewie did that. So so awesome. :)