Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

Today we had a our annual pumpkin picking and carving party. It was the perfect chance for Oscar to break out his new banana costume.

Aaron and Oscar on a giant pumpkin.

Pumpkin picking family.

Although Oscar was getting a lot of attention in his banana suit we were there to get pumpkins so Aaron got to work hunting through the rows and bins.

After picking pumpkins everyone came back to the house to carve them up.

Aaron found this mishapen pumpkin that was perfect for a jack o'lantern skull.

Then we went with a Star Wars theme and I made an R2D2 pumpkin while Aaron made a Boba Fett pumpkin.

More pics from our day on Flickr.


  1. I found my lid between the seat and the door last night

  2. OMG, you guys are too cute for words! Love the banana pug!

  3. It seems like Oscar has a ready smile in all pics except one. Too cute!

  4. The photo of Oscar in a banana costume on top of a giant pumpkin is priceless!! lol!

  5. YOur pumpkin carving skills are amazing! And Oscar looks too cute as a banana. You are so lucky he will wear costumes. My pug Niblet will not budge if I even think about putting clothes on her!