Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pugs hit the big time

Oscar and Hugo have hit the big time! Their Tug Pug video has been making it's way around the internet!

They were on I Hasa Hotdog...

... and!

And today Oscar starred with Cali Bean in a video for work... Puppy Love at the Kodak Picture Kiosk!

I think Oscar has a new career ahead of him. Other than sleeping and barking at neighbors all day that is.

This leads me to today's Valentine's Day Gift Guide Selection...

Check out all the great gifts you can make at a Kodak Picture Kiosk - from Personal Greeting Cards to PYNK frames (more on that tomorrow! via Oscar!) You can get a coupon for the cards here.


  1. OMG - how adorable!!
    I think Oscar is heading towards his own puppy Oscar!

  2. I just love the music you put with the videos. I think it is about time Oscar hit the big time, now we can say "we knew him when". Great videos

  3. I just happened to see this cute thing called a "port-a-pug" on and thought you'd enjoy it!

  4. I absolutely loved that video when you posted it - I can see why it's going BIG.

  5. Can I get their autographs?! That's awesome.

    And my worlds are totally colliding as I spend waaaay too much time hanging with the Gawkerati.