Thursday, July 21, 2011

Space Shuttle Regret

Aaron flying a Space Shuttle kite on our honeymoon

I have a great regret.

I am a bit of a space nerd and a big fan of the NASA Space Shuttle program. And I have always wanted to see a Shuttle launch.

The last Shuttle launch (photo from NASA)

With the Shuttle program coming to a close early this morning, my opportunity has passed.

The last Shuttle landing (photo from NASA)

Catching a Shuttle launch seemed complicated. They could cancel a launch even 2 seconds from blastoff. Launches could be delayed and postponed for days. Not conducive to booking travel. I put it off.

Now it is over and I regret not making the trek at least once. On top of being bummed that the Shuttle program is over, I have the remorse of never seeing a launch.

Something to learn from.


  1. My husband too!!!! We were supposed to have been there for the last launch - too much stuff happened (like me in hosp) but I wish he had was on his bucket list...:-(

  2. Ditto. I need to erase Space Shuttle launch from my lifelist. Maybe there will be something else space related that we can replace it with.

  3. I'm so sorry you missed it. It was amazing to see and yes, they frequently cancelled them at the very very very last minute.

    I felt luck to see both a night and a day launch. There's nothing like it. And at night, the sky lit up like it was daytime.

    Farewell Space Shuttle program, you will be missed.

  4. Me, too. My sister even works there and has done it tons of times (most recently has photos of her preg belly w/ shuttle in the background) and we just never made it there.
    When my son did a Flat Stanley last year she took "Stanley" in and took all kinds of pics of him in the shuttle etc. "Stanley" even got his own visitor pass! My son thought it was a blast!
    (If it makes you feel any better she says it really is a whole lot of sitting around playing on your phone, then the thrill of launch, then literally hours in traffic to get outta there)

  5. I am so sad to see the shuttle program end. I've seen plenty of launches from Orlando, but it's just a tiny thing from here. I wish I had gone over to the coast for a better view at least once! I slept through the last sonic boom yesterday morning and though I was glad I didn't get woken up early, I was sad to have missed the last time the shuttle passes over my house

  6. As someone who works for NASA and its Space Shuttle (and ISS) Program, it gives me joy to hear you and your readers comment about seeing and wanting to have seen the Shuttle in action. It gives me hope that there is still active support for human spaceflight out there. Thank you for your support, continue to be involved, and keep spreading the word!

  7. Love the kite. I know what you mean, I was obsessed with the movie Space Camp when I was growing up.

    You never know what might come next! Or, maybe take a trip to a Russian launch!