Sunday, December 4, 2011

Whoopie Pies

My mom and grandma always made whoopie pies when I was growing up in Pennsylvania. Aaron LOVES them. I thought I better start making them myself. I have clear memories however of my grandma struggling with her whoopie pies going flat.

After several phone calls to both my mom and my grandma and consulting several church and Amish cookbooks, I started.

First batch...

Second batch...

Third batch...

Finally I got a decent whoopie pie.

I think it still needs some tweaking. I used dark cocoa which made them really dark. Marshmallow fluff in the filling or no?

Aaron doesn't seem to mind eating the experiments.


  1. Please post your recipe once it is perfected. I have memories of eating whoopie pies as a child at a friends house. No matter what recipe I try, they never taste as good as they did when I was a kid. I even have the whoopie pie cook book.

  2. I'd love the recipe too. The Amish would bring them to the Syracuse farmers market, which is where I first had them. They were the size of macarons. The ones I see nowadays around Boston are TOO BIG. I know you'll get the size just right: maybe a Jenny version vs. Aaron edition?

  3. Somerville, MA has an annual What The Fluff festival which is a blast! My favorite event a few years back was the best Fluff hairdo contest... yes, contestants styled their hair with Fluff. lol!

  4. Yes, fluff, if you're going for the classic.

    Last year around this time, I got the whoopie pie book, and was making all sorts of different combinations. My favorite was chocolate pie with mint buttercream filling.

  5. I've never had a whoopie pie - seriously. I just started hearing about them and not even sure what they are. The chocolate part is cake right? and the middle, is it only fluff? Or is it fluff plus something? Clearly I need to research this because it looks delicious! Since I don't see them around here, it must not have traveled to the West Coast until recently.

  6. have you seen the babycakes whoopie pie maker?!?!
    I saw some blog reviews that looked good.

    Do you use that fluff frosting recipe or what filling??