Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Balloons

Tina asked if I wanted to help with Lauren's kiddie birthday party... a party with a theme of rainbows, hearts and cupcakes? I'm in! I was happy for an opportunity to make balloon ice cream cones.

Balloons make terrible back seat drivers. The static in the Smart Car was electrifying.

Little known fact. Stewie LOVES balloons. I had to shut them away from him.

Tina really went all out. It was a pink, frilly, heart and rainbow explosion.

Look at these amazing rainbow cupcakes she made! They were as delicious as they were cute!


  1. I love the balloons! I can't believe I have never seen this done before, such a cute idea, that I may have to 'borrow'. How did you make the cones?

  2. They are just big pieces of craft paper rolled into cones, then I fed the balloon string through the cone out the bottom and put a piece of tape at the bottom to hold the balloon in place. Not too hard except the balloon keeps trying to escape.