Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Obey the pug

A couple people commented that the picture of Hugo I posted last week looks like the Andre the Giant Obey poster.

Yes. I can definitely see it now. And it was exactly the sentiment Hugo was trying to convey.

"Take me for a walk. Give me treats. OBEY!"


  1. Do you know about this site?
    Way too funny, and they have other dog breeds and cats too!

  2. we heard and obey, oh mighty hugo!

    (I'm glad you see the resemblance, I was afraid to post the original comment but it was just too funny.)

  3. Anne - Yes! I have two of those prints. I need to get them framed.

  4. Nice effect converting the photo to B&W. You will make a t-shirt of this, right? I would just use Hugo's picture and "Obey." A t-shirt is sure to bring more than one smile.

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