Sunday, March 18, 2012

Peanut butter balls/Buckeyes

Peanut butter is a favorite thing around our house. Even with the pugs. For some reason I never thought to try making one of Aaron's favorite treats... buckeyes, aka - peanut butter balls, but then I googled it.

I found a recipe right on the Kelloggs Rice Krispies website. Turns out they are easy and fast to make.

Wait - no, no. They are incredibly complicated and time consuming. But I will make the sacrifice and try to make them once in awhile.


  1. I'm so happy you posted this! I love these and we have all the ingredients here (yes, we can get Rice Krispies here! Not at our local store, but still within biking distance! yay!) and I miss them! And I am wondering if I can make them dairy free... got the wheels a-turning...

  2. Meredith - I was sorta embarrassed to discover how easy they are to make!

  3. This is always on my Christmas Cookie list. My 2 cents: always use butter (better flavor than margarine); no need for the shortening if you're using candy melts because it includes wax already. I usually use Ghiradelli chocolate, so I add a bit of parafin wax to the pot.

    I like rolling them smaller (more work!) because I like them as bite-sized. They also are great out of the freezer. I would imagine you could store them for a while that way, although I wouldn't know. Once people know you have them, they disappear fast! :)