Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rochester Food Truck Rodeo

I am a huge fan of food trucks. I have been enviously observing the food truck movement in LA, NYC, Portland and Austin. Rochester has a few, but they can't operate like they do in other cities. Tonight, however, there was a roundup of Rochester Food Trucks at the Public Market.

I couldn't miss that! This is Cheesed and Confused... a grilled cheese truck.

Cheese and Confused - web - facebook - twitter

A baked potato truck.

To-Go Potato - web - facebook - twitter

Just like Le Petit Poutine, I have been trying to eat at the Sammich truck. Tonight was the night!

Le Petit Poutine - web - facebook - twitter

Sammich - web - facebook - twitter

They went Greek for the Food Truck Rodeo, so I got a gyro... this is Aaron testing it.

Aaron got a taco at Lloyd's Taco Truck (actually from Buffalo)... this is me sampling it. I like to splitty sharey.

Lloyd's Taco Truck - web - facebook - twitter


  1. Best location! Previously, I often ate on the street but now after I have passed entirely in homemade food. Eat healthy food!