Monday, July 16, 2012

Hawaii and photos to come

Aaron and I are heading to Hawaii. Yeah, I know HAWAII! Aaron is stationed there for two weeks for the Navy and I cashed in my air miles to tag along.

If anyone has any Hawaii tips I would love to hear them. We will be staying on Oahu - not sure if we will get a chance to make it to the Big Island or not.

Today Aaron surprised me with a digital SLR! I've never had one and Hawaii seems like the perfect chance to break it in.

I couldn't wait to try it - we stopped at the park so I could test it out.

Aaron is pretty good at using it too : )

Stay tuned for some great photographs from Hawaii!


  1. Eat!
    so good!
    also, happy hour at CHIBO in Waikiki and
    price for quality makes it worth visiting. :) have fun! wear sunscreen, for real.

  2. Looks like you've got quite a stack of travel books there but I wholeheartedly recommend BUYING the Hawaii Revealed book to whatever island you plan on visiting. We had the books for Oahu, Maui and big island and they were all great.

    These are the best guidebooks I've seen yet, I loved how they were organized and the writing style in them.

    I know it's a cheezy tourist cliche but I enjoyed going to a luau (we went to Germaine's luau). Not the best food but a fun show and just perfect evening.

  3. Papa Ole's in Hauula ( has the best plate lunch ever.
    While in Hauula, check out Kokololio Beach Park - wonderful beach and great tides pools.
    Sharks Cove is perfect for snorkeling...there aren't any sharks.
    Turtle Beach is the BEST for seeing turtles (
    The Olomana Trail is a great hike.

    Have fun!

  4. Agree with the comment in the Oahu Revealed - seriously a good tour book. We missed out in a luau because it got rained out so if you want to do one, plan it early in your stay so you can reschedule if need be.

  5. I'd recommend Side Street Inn: -- I still dream about the food there.

    Also, if you can, take the Hawaii Food Tour!


  6. Get a tour on his boat! Stay at the Hale coa, get food at the store there for cheap, see a lual, go to dukes for music dinner and drinks I think it's on Sundays..

  7. Hi Jenny
    Long time reader, first time poster (I think)
    These books we used for our travels on Hawaiian Islands were fantastic
    Check them out - we used them and they were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Since much of the islands aren't exactly marked for tourists and we were seeking those off the beaten path places - the articles and entries written by locals with local landmarks (literally) were super helpful. We liked going off the beaten path and I am sure you woudl too.
    Check out the whole series - especially if you get to the big island and I hope you do!!!!!

  8. If you want a quieter beach than Waikiki, I would suggest Kailua Beach. I second the suggestion of Duke's for drinks at Sunset. Haleiwa is a good drive and it will get you out of the city. Get some shave ice at Aoki's(shorter line than the more popular Matsumoto's). Also, stop by Leonard's Bakery for malasadas. I miss those so much.

  9. Another vote for Oahu Revealed! That series of guidebooks is the best! Their recommendations on snorkel spots have not steered me wrong on four of the islands. Have a wonderful time. It's such a wonderful place!

    PS. If you can use the Hale Koa facilities, the beach is pretty nice & uncrowned there. It's a great place to watch the fireworks at Hilton Hawaiian Village (Wed or Thurs night? I forget)

  10. You have to get to the North Shore of Oahu somehow. Shave ice, awesome beaches, great food (if it's Saturday get the Huli Huli chicken in Haleiwa at the supermarket parking lot, sooo good). I also recommend getting a Stand Up Paddleboard lesson (SUP). I went to Surf N Sea in Haleiwa for a lesson and it was awesome (giant turtles along side my board)! And if you're on the Norht Shore you mmust go to Waimea Falls! That Oahu book everyone mentioned is awesome, I used it every day. Have fun

  11. Shimazu Shave Ice or Waiola’s Shave Ice: These are the two best shave ice place. Waiola’s is much easier to get to and park at (Shimazu’s you have to hunt for parking). They have the FINEST ice shaving and delicious toppings. (People think Matsumoto’s is better, but their ice shavings aren’t as fine as these two.)
    Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck: If you’re driving around the island, and you like garlic and shrimp, this is the place for you. Do NOT be fooled by other shrimp trucks. ONLY go to Giovanni’s! Bring prepared for garlic to emit from your pores after this!
    He’eia Pier General Store and Deli: I give this place RAVE reviews. It doesn't look like much, but it's delicious. Their hours are wonky (only open during lunch, but not all weekdays), but it’s worth going!
    It sounds weird to suggest- but Ala Moana Shopping Center. The selection there is mind-blowing. You name it, they have it.

  12. How exciting--can't wait to see the photos.

  13. Hickam AFB - check out the beach and the bullet holes ( .
    For some reason the bullet holes strike a cord in me unlike other pearl harb stuff.