Friday, November 16, 2012

Squirrely, squirrely pumpkin eater

I was so pleased my jack-o-lantern was lasting so long. Unlike Aaron's pumpkin which turned to mush in two days, it was solid and had very little mold.

Then squirrels ate it's face off. *shakes fist*

I guess it's my own fault. After our pumpkin carving party, I left the bucket of pumpkin guts out on the porch for a few days and allowed the squirrels to feast on it. Apparently they acquired a taste for pumpkin from this generousity.

The squirrels in our neighborhood are out of control chubby. Look at his wee gut hanging over the edge of the bucket.

Stewie spend untold hours sitting next to the windows watching those squirrels. I know he wanted to get one so badly. How dare they sit on HIS porch. *shakes paw*

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