Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crock Pot Beef Stew

One of the things on my New Year's List was to cook at home more using our Crock Pot. I found this recipe for beef stew on the Crock Pot site and gave it a go.

It was easy to prep the ingredients the night before - especially when I found pre-cut stew beef cubes and potatoes at Wegmans. I also used a bag of baby carrots. Chopping up the onion was the most work.

When I came home the entire house smelled like beef stew. The pugs look like they were tortured by the fragrance slowly bubbling away all day just feet away from them.

It turned out great and there was enough to freeze a few quarts for later also. Yay for our deep freezer!


  1. A while back someone posted on Facebook that being in a house cooking all day w/ a crock pot is like waterboarding for a dog ;).