Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pet of the week

Tanner as described by his Foster Mom.....If you like your dogs loveable and goofy, Tanner is your boy. This playful, affectionate, lively pup makes us laugh every day, and he has the cutest overbite you've ever seen! He gets along well with our older resident dogs, and is good with our four cats. He had a meet-and-greet this weekend with two older, larger dogs, and he got an "A+" from RAS's behaviorist. At the adoption event this weekend, he charmed people with his funny, sweet face, and he was really eager to play with every dog he met. Tanner is fully housetrained. He is a bright boy and very food-motivated, so he will be easy to train. So far he knows "Sit" and "Wait" and we are working on "Down" and "Shake." We are working on loose-leash walking, and he is doing nicely. Tanner greets us every morning with tons of kisses and wags-he is so excited to start the day, and you can't help but smile when you see him. Anything that squeaks makes Tanner happy, and he loves to run around the backyard with our dogs and play. In the evening, he is very happy to curl up at our feet and just hang out. Tanner would do well in just about any family that can give him the exercise he needs as an energetic young puppy. Having a more mature dog to help show him the ropes and to be a playmate would be great. Tanner will be a wonderful companion on your life's adventures.

Please contact RAS at 428-7274 to set up an appointment to meet this sweet boy!

Fred Jackson #18777453

Here's Fred Jackson, a 4 year old male beagle mix who weighs 31 pounds. He's ready, willing, and able to steal your heart (and your lunch). Fred is an energetic guy with superior begging skills. He's looking for a home where he can be the only dog and, because he's never lived with children, where any children are age 14 or over. Fred needs to work on his manners a bit so training is required. Lollypop Farm offers a discount on your first 6 week series of classes. Come meet Fred in person. He's pretty irresistable!

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