Monday, February 11, 2013

Airplants & Terrariums

I came to a halt at Pittsford Wegmans when I spotted this display of airplants and terrariums.

The airplants were such good price. The small ones were $1.99. I got a few more for my terrarium.

I got this glass bubble ages ago at Crate and Barrel... probably when I was traveling and should not have been buying fragile glass to carry home on the plane.

I just dug out this one that I also got and plant in it... I pinched it off a spider plant that was sitting in the hallway at work!

I ablout fell over when I got this catalogue from West Elm.

They had all sorts of hanging plant bubbles. *drool*

They also had these amazing glass and wire terrariums.

And these terrariums with wood bases.

The West Elm site had tips for terrariums too... very useful.

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