Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow storm 2013

After all the anticipation of the big storm it finally hit this afternoon and it came on strong.

I skittered out of work early... only to face a snow covered car...

and snow covered streets.

It was a winter wonderland by the time I got home. When the weather is like this you have to embrace the best parts.

Like making cookies.

Blizzard cookie.

And chicken pot pie by the fire.

I made the chicken pot pie this time with pie crust on the bottom and phyllo dough on top. Yum. Also, I made so much pot pie filler I was able to freeze it for later.


  1. Hi, is this an app that puts the weather/type on your photos or do you do it manually? Just wondering -- love the look of it on these and past photos!

  2. christi - there are two apps, Instaweather and Instaplace.

  3. Thanks so much -- can't wit to try them!

  4. Do you have a recipe for that delicious-looking cookie?

    Karen in GA

  5. Karen - It's just the recipe on the bag of Nestle's Toll House chocolate chips.