Friday, March 29, 2013

Farmer's Market treats

This afternoon my parents took us to a local farmer's market for Amish-made soft pretzels. Quite possibly the best soft pretzel I have ever had! I got a sour cream and onion one... Aaron had a caramel and nut pretzel.

I love looking at the goods at farmer's markets. Especially ones with Amish and Mennonite vendors. Pickled watermelon rinds!

Scrapple and pudding. I have distinct memories of serving this when I worked at a restaurant in college. The scrapple is sliced and fried while pudding is crumbled, fried and served on top of pancakes. I served a lot of it, but never tasted it myself!

All those interesting items but the only thing I took home was a bottle of home made ketchup. Very excited about this!

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