Friday, March 1, 2013

First Friday

I feel like I let the cold of February make me lazy and too eager to stay home in front of the fire most nights. Along with exploring Rochester Subway, another thing we haven't done in Rochester is go out for First Friday. I decided to start March off right and hit a few spots tonight.

First we went to Genesee Center for Arts and Education. Their artist-in-residence, Andrew Cho had an opening in the gallery. I loved his work that featured a plain white ceramic portrait bust behind a piece of glass with the matching portrait in black ink. When you view the ceramic through the glass, it's as though the details are projected onto it.

Over on the book arts side we found prints from Carla Bartow. I saw her rabbit poster over a year ago at Orange Glory and have been wondering where to get one ever since. I was happy to meet her in person, put two and two together, and get a rabbit poster for our house!

It was the last day for the Girls vs Boys show so we hit up 1975 Gallery too. This T-Rex cracks me up with his wee lil' arms hanging underneath.

My favorite was this big tentacle though. Note that cardboard is the medium that both teams had to work with. Very creative.

After 1975 we went to The Yards to see the girl's work. They really outdid themselves with a cardboard cabin in the woods, dollhouse/stage and a ship.

I spotted this little rabbit first thing. No surprise.

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