Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Photographic Historic Society & early Kodak DSLRs

This evening I went to a meeting of The Photographic Historic Society. Jim McGarvey, who created Kodak's first DSLR was presenting. Since there was a theme of first digital cameras I brough a few of my early Kodak digital cameras for show and tell, a Kodak DC50, DC120 and a few others.

Jim's presentation was really interesting. You can read a lot of what he talked aobut on his website.

Jim brought along examples of early Kodak DSLRs for display. I have never seen them all displayed together like this before.

TPHS has had some really interesting speakers in the past and I am looking forward to hearing more and speaking there myself in May. If you are in Rochester and have any interest in cameras or photography you should really check out these meetings, every third Thursday at the Pittsford Barnes & Noble.

The Photographic Historical Society Facebook Page

The Photographic Historical Society website

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