Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Peep Strikes Back

The voting for our office peeps contest has ended so I can reveal that The Peep Strikes Back was my diorama. How many of you guess that?!

I was determined to recreate the Han Solo carbonite scene. Chewbacca has faux fur and a little Wookie bandolier. Note Boba Fetts antenae. The storm troopers are dipped white chocolate. C3PO is painted with gold paint. Lando Calrissi is accompanied by his assitant Lobot. There are a couple inaccuracies. Princess Leia was not wearing her well known white gown and cinnamon bun hairdo... she had on her snow suit and looped braids. Also, C3PO should be in pieces on Chewie's back.

I did resist adding R2D2 to the scene even though I really wanted too, since he was in the Degoba System with Luke.

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