Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stink Horn

When we came home from San Diego, the grass in our yard had become... longish. I spied something bright red in the middle of it and went out to investigate. I found what appeared to big a long, skinny tongue growing out of the ground! One instagram later asking what it was and I had my answer... a stink horn mushroom!

The stink horn's scientific name is Phallaceae and it comes in many forms. Some are really crazy looking. Google it and you will see.

"Stinkhorns are amazing mushrooms, notorious for popping up suddenly and unexpectedly in urban settings. They are very diverse in appearance, but all of them share at least two features:

1 - Some part of the fruiting body, at some stage in development, is covered with a foul-smelling slime.

2 - The fruiting body arises from an "egg," traces of which may disappear by maturity."


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