Saturday, December 28, 2013

Social Media Thoughts: Instagram Account Switching

A couple weeks ago, Instagram said they would make a big announcement. Everyone would tune in online and all the media would be covering it. There was a lot of speculation over what the new features (we assumed) would be. I didn't even try to guess, because there was only one thing I wanted it to be.

Better account switching.

This sounds like a small thing, but when you have a personal account and then manage other accounts... say for your job or your volunteer position, this is a huge deal.

Other social media platforms make it so easy to move from one account to another. Facebook, Twitter... a touch of a button and you can be in another account making posts.

But with Instagram, your only option is to "log out" and then sign back in as another user. It doesn't sound like that much work when I say it like that, but believe me, if you want to access another account a couple times a day and go back to your own account it gets old mighty fast.

I have tweeted Instagram pleading with them to make this an upgrade. Considering one of the accounts I manage is an animal shelter, I would go so far as to say lives are at stake. Seriously if it was easier to move back and forth more cats and dogs would be posted to instagram and maybe there would be more adoptions. Do you really want that on your conscience Instagram?

Turns out the big announcement was private photo messaging. Was that something I was dying for? Not really.

I've mostly been using it to share pictures of my nail polish with my nail peeps.

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