Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Body brushing

My skin has always been on the dry side. Add in the cold winter weather with constant dry air and my skin starts to feel like something between a crispy leaf and a saltine cracker.

Have you ever heard of dry brushing? In addition to reducing cellulite, boosting circulation, lymphatic drainage (ridding the body of toxins), tighter skin, cell renewal and blood flow... it helps with dry skin. I got a body brush to give it a try. The idea is you briskly brush your skin, with strokes away from the center of your body using a stiff bristled brush. Yeeowch. Winter makes my skin really itchy so it kinda felt good but it also kinda hurt. Takes some getting used to.

I've ended up using it in the shower instead and it's gentler yet still effective I think. Has anyone else tried wet or dry brushing?


  1. I bought myself a dry brush and used it a couple of times. I feel like its too stiff because certain parts of my body looked like my cat attacked me. So I bought two exfoliating gloves and that was much gentler on my skin.

    Though...I tend to forget to use them before I shower. :/

  2. Hi Jenny - I have been using either a dry brush or a loofa since the age of 17. It definitely works, and can tell when I've gone for a long spell. However, it does hurt. Like sandpaper. Would recommend starting wet first, then gradually switching to dry. You can also do a sugar scrub with coconut oil, honey, sugar and lemon. Way less painful, and your skin will be super soft.