Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Winter Pug Coats

The pugs hold up in cold weather pretty well. You would expect this considering they have such thick fur. And so much of it.

The Polar Vortex got the best of them however and they started Tauntauning. "Tauntauning" is when they start holding up their paws and then rolling onto their haunches before finally collapsing thus requiring us to carry them back into the house. Remember the Tauntauns in Empire Strikes Back? They freeze and fall over? That's what I'm talking about.

Someone had grown *ahem* out of his winter coat so we decided to get both pugs new winter coats that fit them well and would be easier to wrestle them into. Oscar seemed a little self concious about being measured.

Hugo on the other hand was oh-so helpul and stood on his hind legs.

Aaron found these coats on Amazon - RC Pet Products Whistler Zip Line Version 2.0 Dog Coat and we love them. Check out their popped collars. Spiffy.

These coats are perfect for the pugs because:

1. Designed for barrel chested - 75% of pug is located in the front half of pug. Barrel chested indeed.

2. Water resistant treated nylon shell with fleece lining - nylon shell = all that shedding pug fur DOESN'T STICK!

3. Easy harness access - ever try hooking up two overly excited pugs to their leashes? It's like trying to hook a marlin. Every little bit helps.

4. Generous haunch coverage - keep those hamhocks warm!

PS: The booties are Pawz. They are basically like rubber balloons but they are the only booties the pugs can't kick off.


  1. What do you have on their feet? I need something other than muttlucks which always go missing in deep snow...

    1. They are called Pawz. They have them on Amazon. They are kinda like balloons and they are the only ones the pugs can't kick off.

    2. Thanks! Love your blog!

  2. The expressions on the pugs' faces are absolutely adorable!