Monday, March 31, 2014

Destination pigs & bunnies

We had too much going on this winter, Aaron's classes & new job, my volunteer work, to take a vacation. I started thinking though... if I could go anywhere where would it be? Bunnies and pigs.

A short while ago I saw this video about Ōkunoshima Island off of Japan. Turns out it is full of rabbits!

Rabbits were brought to the island in the 1920's for chemical weapon tests. Years later, they have multiplied and tourists come to the island to feed them.

I want to visit the island pretty badly. Swarms of rabbits. Heaven. (photo credit: Jeffrey Friedl)

Right after visiting bunny island, I want to go swimming at Big Major Cay, an island in the Bahamas. Swimming with pigs!

This pig beach is occupied by feral swimming pigs. There are different stories about how the pigs ended up there - sailors dropped them off planning on coming back and eating them later, they survived a shipwreck...

Now you can feed and swim with these pigs. Two perfect vacations... right there.


  1. I want to go on this vacation!! Mine would end on pug island, aka my couch.

  2. I would totally go on these vacations.... I am currently reading Watership Down so the bunny island would be appropriate... but then again I think I would start thinking that the bunnies were plotting and planning things... :o)

  3. The bunnies...too many!!!

    Did you see your typo in your title? I'm guessing now....awesome autocorrect! Haha!

    1. Ahhh...typo in my comment! "not" not "now!

    2. Ohmigosh - you are right. I am so used to autocorrect changing "pugs" to "pigs" and then I type in "pugs" by mistake!

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