Thursday, June 12, 2014

Salt Water Sandals

We are heading to the Outer Banks soon and I really wanted a pair of Salt Water Sandals for the beach and the rest of summer.

The Hoy Shoe Company has been making Salt Water Sandals since 1944. Walter Hoy was a shoe cutter in New England before he moved to Missouri and started working in a shoe factory in St. Louis. When there was a leather rationing during WWII he had the idea to use scraps of leather from military boots to make children's sandals. After WWII they started making them in different sizes and colors.

The sandals are made of leather with adjustable straps, brass buckles and rubber soles. They are so durable they can be worn in salt or fresh water and then tossed in a washing machine. They actually fit better after they have been worn wet.

The hard part was deciding on a color!

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