Monday, June 23, 2014

Shaving pugs

Did you know most pugs, typically fawn colored, have a double coat? They have a plush, thick undercoat covered by a dense layer of guard hairs. That means they shed A LOT. Also during the summer they seem constantly overheated. We had heard about some people shaving their pugs. When I looked into it there were some fans of it and some opposed to it. The opposition says that the coat protects them from heat/cold and also they could get sunburns.

We decided to give it a try because it would grow back by winter and we were not going to shave them down to their skin so they wouldn't get sun burnt. .

Basically we just shaved down the top coat and made their fur shorter. They LOVED being shaved. I thought they would freak out over the noise of the clippers but they both stood their with their eyes closed. We did not do their heads, legs or tails. Just their mid-sections where the fur was especially thick.

Are they cooler? Not sure, they haven't told me but they sure look cooler to me.

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