Monday, July 14, 2014

Leftover fried pizza

My friend Tina shared a life changing tip with me. She is credited with the quote "Even bad pizza is good pizza." and is someone that I consider to be a pizza expert.

She suggested when you have leftover pizza (if such a thing does indeed occur in your house) instead of putting it in the microwave and creating a soggy mess... heat up a frying pan and fry it!

Start by heating up your frying pan and placing the slices of pizza cheese side down. Place a heavy frying pan on top of the pizza to press it down. This heats up the cheese and gets the pan greased. When the cheese looks to be melting flip the slices, replace the heavy frying pan and let the crust heat up. Keep checking that it isn't burning.

The pizza comes out crispy and I think, even tastier than when it was delivered!

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