Saturday, August 9, 2014

Scenes from Seoul

As I mentioned previously, with Aaron in China for business, I took the opportunity to meet him in Korea and spend a few days. I've always wanted to visit the Far East and being half Korean, South Korea seems like a great choice.

We stayed in Seoul but my flight landed in Incheon Airport, about 45 minutes by rail west of Seoul.

I'm took soooo many photos. Everything seems more interesting here. I've got the standard foot shots of course.

This marker directs you to some different landmarks around the city.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and was founded over 2000 years ago in 18 BC.

South Korea is the largest city in South Korea and the THIRD largest metropolitan area in the world with 25.6 million people living there.

I love just walking around and taking pictures. Everything seemed so different. Streets come alive at night.

Even though it is a huge city, I would spot things like this... hot peppers drying in the sun in a driveway.

Or cabbage sitting on the sidewalk waiting to become kimchee.

I spotted a lot of my car around Seoul! Chevy Sparks are very popular here!

We also saw this character a lot. I think he is a bell. The one on top that is.

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