Monday, September 1, 2014

Funky fruit

I really like trying unusual fruits. The label of this Lemondrop Melon caught my attention. It practically looks like candy. It was a bit sour for me, but Aaron liked it. He loves sour.

Next I spied these grapes at Wegmans. They were called Witches Finger Grapes. Not a fan of the name but the grapes were good. They tasted like normal grapes but they came off the vine very easily which I liked.

I started seeing people post about getting Cotton Candy grapes. Sure enough I walked in to Wegmans and there they were right up front. I could smell cotton candy as soon as I picked up a bag. Wow they really do taste like cotton candy!

And these cotton candy grapes are not some GMO experiment. They come from just regular plant breeding. There is an article on NPR about these designer grapes.

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